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                     WINNER of The New York Innovative Theatre Award

                              for Outstanding Production of a Musical!

          "A wonderful and creative production!”

                        -Lisa Lampert, Drowsy Lyricist, and TONY Award Winner


The Gallery Players

Brooklyn, NY

Directed By

Hans Friedrichs


Choreographed By

Christine O'Grady


Musical Direction

Kevin Lawson


Set Design

Jared Rutherford


Costume Design

Ryan J. Moller


Lighting Design

Brad Peterson


Wigs and Hair Design

Jon Jordan



Robert Earle Jones


“An Uproarious production that enjoys playing with its construct”

                                                                                               - The Brooklyn Paper


“I missed the Broadway version, but given the imaginative nature of The Drowsy Chaperone, it translates well to the Gallery Players stage. Despite the lower budget, or perhaps because of it, director Hans Friedrichs embraces the cheesiness of some of his "spectacles"  like the onstage airplane of "I Do, I Do in the Sky" or the synchronized swimming in "Show Off" and succeeds in making them all the more endearing.”                                                                                                                                                                                            -KUL Theatre Blog


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