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         WINNER 2019-20 WILDE AWARDS,                                OUTSTANDING PRODUCTION OF A COMEDY                                          BEST DIRECTOR OF A COMEDY

The Barn Theatre

Augusta, MI

Directed by

Hans Friedrichs

Scenic Design 

Steven Lee Burright

Costume Design

Michael Morgan Wilson

Lighting Design 

Lauren Gallup

Haiir and Wig Design

Garrylee Mccormick

“It’s hard to imagine these characters and brilliant story brought to life more vividly than they are in the current production at The Barn Theatre. Directed with extraordinary heart and attention to detail by Hans Friedrichs with an all-star cast, it will undoubtedly make you laugh and ugly cry as you peek into this powerful world made real.”                                                        
                                                           - Marin Heinritz, REVUE WM

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