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The Barn Theatre

Augusta, MI

Directed by

Hans Friedrichs

Choreographed by

Kasady Kwiatkowska

Musical Direction

Brent Decker

Set Design

Samantha Snow

Costume Design by

Lauren Mitchell

Lighting Design

Michael McShane

Hair & Wig Design

Crysta Gsellman

Special Props & Costumes

Steven Lee Burright

Michael Morgan Wilson

“BULLETS OVER BROADWAY Goes Above and Beyond!”

“Bullets Over Broadway” under Hans Friedrichs’ direction is a visual delight full of knockout performances that bring to life wickedly hilarious characters in a story so ridiculous and well-written, it’s utterly believable.”
                                                                                                            -Marin Heinritz, REVUEWM  



"Barn Theatre’s 'Bullets Over Broadway', Misbehaves in Sidesplitting Ways"

“Hans Friedrichs’ direction is detail-oriented. The cast mingles with the orchestra. The chorus sets the tone with interpretive soft-shoeing and believable train movement. The play within the play works so well from behind it feels as if the audience is hunkered backstage.”

                                                           - Nicole L.V. Mullis, For the Battle Creek Enquirer


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