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"One of the most magnificent evenings I've spent in the theatre."                                

                                                                                   - Roger Rees (Of our production)

The Gallery Players

Brooklyn, NY

Directed by

Hans Friedrichs


Choreographed by

Christine O'Grady


Musical Direction

Julianne Merrill


Set Design

Kate Rance


Costume Design

Sarah Cogan


Lighting desing

Dan Jobbins


Sound Design

Julian Evans


Projection Design

Daniel Heffernan


Wig & Hair Design

Jon Jordan


Assistant Director

Patrick Hunter



Robert Earle Jones

"Much like the green carnation donned by Oscar Wilde and Alfie Byrne, A Man of No Importance is a refreshing oddity; something rarely seen thus making its appearance all the more fantastic. Skillfully directed and performed, this production by The Gallery Players deserves to have theatre fans crossing the bridge to glimpse this rare and special musical."

                                                                               - Benjamin Coleman -Theatre is Easy



"The Gallery Players have done themselves proud. As skillfully staged by Hans Friedrichs and Christine O’Grady, everyone on stage participates in the telling of the story, even the talented musicians of the band who wander about, sing and speak lines, increasing the feeling of community."                                                

                                                                                  - JOEL BENJAMIN,


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