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Run For You Wife by Ray Cooney

WILDE Award Nomination

Best Comedy 2019


“Though it’s London’s longest-running comedy to date, even in its day, the play was criticized for being a homophobic male fantasy with one-note characters in which the women are merely dumb props. And in 2018, one might imagine a script like that, despite being full of fun double entendre, would be doomed for a savvy theater-going audience.

BUT in profoundly adept Director Hans Friedrichs' hands at The Barn Theatre, “Run For Your Wife” is something else altogether. It retains the hilarity presented by the tensions and the complications of the situation and eliminates all the politically incorrect pitfalls by transforming them, with delightful and subtle irony, through a heightened vision of the period and all its implicit queerness thanks to extraordinary attention to detail. In other words, every part of this production is shot through with unexpected nuance, from brilliant performances from its all-star Equity cast to the colorful and gaudy set dressed with authentic ’80s props to the wigs and costumes that are sight gags in and of themselves, to balance and draw more from the script’s broad strokes than lesser-talented folks could possibly imagine.”

The Barn Theatre

Augusta, MI

Directed by

Hans Friedrichs

Set Design

Samantha Snow

Costume Design by

Lauren Mitchell

Lighting Design

Michael McShane

Hair & Wig Design

Crysta Gsellman

Review: Barn Theatre’s 'Run for Your Wife' worth running to the box office
Nicole L.V. Mullis, For the Enquirer

“Director Hans Friedrichs’ veteran cast (and one newcomer) gel-like a successful ensemble on a long-running comedy series. The action on stage is beautifully organized chaos, as evident in the very first scene. Although the two Mrs. Smiths look nothing alike, their overlapping movements mirror the other, from the searching looks out the window to the worried phone calls. It’s effective and delightful – a visual ballet that builds throughout the show.”

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