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SWEENEY TODD The Demon Barber of Fleet Street

                                          WINNER 2019-20 WILDE AWARDS,
                               OUTSTANDING PRODUCTION OF A MUSICAL
                                           BEST DIRECTOR OF A MUSICAL

The Barn Theatre

Augusta, MI

Directed by

Hans Friedrichs


Jamey Grisham

Musical Direction

Brent Decker

Set Design &

Steven Lee Burright

Costume Design by

Michael Morgan Wilson

Lighting Design

Lauren Gallup

"The star who never appears on stage is Hans Friedrichs, the director. Sweeney Todd is a show that tempts many directors to get carried away with gore—blood and body parts. It’s tempting to get caught up in the show’s trappings and to lose sight of what makes it an enduring work of art, what lifts it above the horror genre and into a story steeped with meaning and relevancy. Friedrichs resists all this and makes choices that move the story forward, that raises the stakes, and brings out all that is human and universal in the tale of Sweeney Todd.             

                                                                               - Bridgette Redmond, ENCORE Michigan

"Under Hans Friedrichs’ masterful direction this “Sweeney Todd" is a force. Rich with texture, the show is visually delightful, musically stunning, and every character on stage is spectacular thanks to excellent casting and marvelous performances."

                                                                              - Marin Heinriz,


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