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WINNER of 5 WILDE AWARDS (Michigan's Professional Theatre Awards) Including;                                                  BEST PRODUCTION OF A MUSICAL!

The Barn Theatre

Augusta. MI


and movement by

Hans Friedrichs

Choreography by

Jamey Grisham

Set Design by

Michael Wilson Morgan

Costume Design by

Carly Heathcote

Prop and

Puppet design by

Hans Friedrichs

Lighting Design by

Molly Lamperis

Projection Design by

Mike McShane

“The Barn is in terrific hands with Director Hans Friedrichs. He eschews wires and roller-skates, and an overly cumbersome technical concept, instead capitalizing on the genuine talent of his cast and crew to create a dazzling spectacle with splendid performances. It’s a sumptuous feast for the senses, a delight for all ages.”

                                                                          -Marin Heinritz, ENCORE MICHIGAN

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