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Augusta MI

Directed by 

Hans Friedrichs

Choreography by

Melissa Cotton-Hunter

Set Design by

Hans Friedrichs

Costume Design by

Carly Heathcoate


and Video design


Mike McShane

Lighting Design by

Molly Lamperis

Musical Direction

Matt Shabala

“Director Hans Friedrichs, Has proven himself to be steeped in theatre history and he does not disappoint here SINGIN’ IN THE RAIN makes a splash!”

                         -Christopher Tower, Battle Creek Enquirer

“As both director and set designer, Hans Friedrichs integrates the two to keep the complex story as fluid as possible. A beautiful, back-lit art deco design dominates the stage and frames a movie screen at the back of the set. Scaffolding lines the sides of the stage creating the feeling that the whole play is taking place on a Hollywood sound stage, so the grips who wander in and out moving around set-pieces seem perfectly appropriate. The play flows from one scene to the next seamlessly with minimal set changes and lots of reliance on audience imagination. Director Friedrichs also has these grips and sound people pausing to admire the romantic dance scenes between Don Lockwood and Kathy Selden, further emphasizing their smoldering chemistry.”

                                            -Sue Merrell, Encore Michigan

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